10 Reasons to Choose Textured Walls for Your Home

If you don’t want to go for regular paints but feel that wallpapers are not your thing, then textured walls are something you must check out. Textured walls have always been underrated but people are finally discovering their true potential and considering them to spruce up their living space. 

For those of you who want to decorate their walls but want something more long-lasting than wallpapers, textured walls are a perfect choice for you as they are durable and difficult to remove. Colourwash, bamboo, brushstrokes, popcorn, sand swirl, comb and slap brush are some signature texture options that you can consider for your abode. 

Still not convinced about textured walls? We have rounded up 10 reasons why you must consider installing textured walls in your home. 

  1. Add drama 

Are you tired of the stark white walls in your home? If yes, then there is no time like the present to swap them for a textured wall. A textured colour wall instantly brightens up a dull space and adds drama and elegance to a space. 

  1. Bring personality to your space

Your walls reflect your personality and tastes. Textured walls are a great way to express creativity and give your guests a sneak peek of your personality even before they get to know you properly. 

  1. Add dimension to a room 

Ever felt that your room appears too flat and lacks depth? If yes, then you can change that by introducing a textured accent wall into the space. Textured walls add depth and a three-dimensional effect to an otherwise lifeless, flat space. 

  1. Instantly make your space look expensive 

There is something about textured colour walls which make them look opulent and chic. If you can’t afford fancy wallpapers and swanky furniture, simply introduce a textured wall into the space and let it be the showstopper. 

  1. Easy to maintain 

Cleaning textured walls can be tricky however they are easier to clean in comparison to wallpapers as you need not worry about them peeling off the wall. The best way to maintain textured walls is to regularly dust them with a vacuum that has a bristled brush. 

  1. Hide damaged walls

Textured walls don’t just beautify a space but they are also great to mask any wear and tear on the walls which your regular paint can’t hide. You can hide dents and rough surfaces with textured walls. A pro tip would be to opt for darker hues of texture colour for masking imperfections. 

  1. A great alternative to artwork 

If you don’t have the budget to buy and hang expensive artwork on your walls, then textured walls are a great way to add an artistic element to your décor without going broke. 

  1. Serve as a backdrop for photographs 

Textured walls act as a great backdrop for your Instagram selfies. For people who often host parties and events at their house, having a fancy textured colour wall will encourage your guests to click photographs and make memories. 

  1. They are long-lasting 

If you are sure about what you want and are ready to commit to a pattern or a design, then textured walls are a perfect fit for you as they are long-lasting and durable in comparison to wallpapers and wall decals. 

  1.  Transform the mood of a room

Believe it or not, you can instantly transform the vibe of a room by introducing a wall colour texture as an accent wall in the room. It will instantly make your room look elegant and well planned. 

Remember that textured walls are a bit on the expensive side so take your time to choose a texture that is classic and one that you will never get bored of. 

So, when are you ditching your drab walls for chic textured walls? Visit the Asian Paints website to browse through a wide range of contemporary textured walls options. 

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