5 Tips For Creating Eco-Friendly And Sustainable Home Interior Design In Singapore

As we face the war against climate change, many groups call for drastic actions that could delay and mitigate its impact on our lives. One of these actions is sustainable living. You can apply sustainability in your home interior design in Singapore in many ways.

Here are some tips for an eco-friendly and sustainable residential or commercial interior design in Singapore:

Environmentally-friendly materials

Instead of purchasing primary materials made from new fresh resources, use environmentally-friendly materials instead.

For example, reclaimed woods are old durable wood planks from disassembled structures. These still high-quality hardwoods are recycled and repurposed as floorings, house beams, and wood furniture.

On the other hand, you can use recycled plastics, metals, and natural stones to make decors and furniture for your F&B interior design in Singapore.

Use energy-efficient appliances and hardware

Energy-efficient appliances, like LED light bulbs, energy-starred air conditioning units, dryers, and washers, are highly available in the market. They consume less power than your typical appliances. 

Additionally, water-saving toilets, showerheads, and faucets are becoming more popular today. They are perfect for your kitchen interior design upgrade in Singapore.

Solar energy

Many homes today use the sun as a supplementary source of energy. You can power up your hi-tech and modern luxury interior design in Singapore using solar panels to convert sunlight into power. 

Not only does it reduce your electricity bill, but solar energy is also renewable energy!


Another way to reduce your power consumption is to open up windows. Open windows allow the sunlight to enter homes, eliminating the need to turn on artificial light. 

Additionally, it provides better ventilation and air circulation, minimising the need for air conditioning units.

Be minimalist

Minimalism is a popular home interior design in Singapore. Its cardinal principles are using things with purpose and eliminating what is deemed as clutter.

This lifestyle discourages wasteful living.

You can help in the fight against climate change through a sustainable and eco-friendly modern luxury interior design in Singapore.Contact Starry Homestead for more collections of F&B interior designs in Singapore.

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