5 ways to increase the value of your home with exterior upgrades

The house exterior is often ignored when selling a house, which is one reason why such houses do not attain their full potentials in terms of value. You should focus your attention on improving your home exterior’s worth, even if you are not planning to sell it. Transform your home exterior into the focal point with the tips below, and let your home reach its full financial potentials.

1. Refresh the Exterior with Paint

The exterior of your home is the first point of contact when buyers or anyone comes to your home. Your home exterior may have worn down due to the harsh elements. Whether your exterior is wood finished or stucco, you can increase your exterior’s value by painting your exterior using an attractive colour scheme. This will undoubtedly boost the curb appeal of your home exterior and increase its value.

2. Windows and Doors

Windows and doors are crucial to your home facade. As a result, you should consider replacing the existing windows and doors with new designs, materials, and finish. Several types of replacement windows and entry doors will instantly transform the exterior ambiance. These will increase the curb appeal of your home exterior and increase the value of your home exterior.

3. Outdoor Entertaining Areas

Enhance the value of your home exterior by creating entertainment areas and a dining area in your exterior. Place the right furniture for about four persons to sit, relax, and eat o our front porch. Make the entertainment areas welcoming. Decorate the outdoor with overhanging planters with shrubs around and use potted flowers and take vases.

4. Update the Landscape

The home exterior value is best enhanced by creating and updating the landscape of your home. If your landscape is overgrown, dated, or requires updating, spare no effort to restore your landscape and keep your exterior attractive and of high value. You can also install landscape lighting to highlight the sidewalk and make it safe.

5. Install Stylish House Numbers and Entry Door Hardware

Upgrade your home with modern house numbers and add entry door hardware that will improve your entry door’s aesthetics. Install new nickel or brass hardware like a doorbell, door knocker, and lighting fixture.


Increase the value of your home exterior by applying some of the tips above. Your home will undoubtedly be transformed and become more attractive than before.


Infographic Provided by NewTechWood America, Inc.

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