6 Most Common Issues With Automatic Gates And How Experts Can Help You

Having automatic gates can be very convenient. For some residents in Los Angeles, California, automatic gates add a layer of protection for their home. They won’t have to get out of their cars to open and close the gates. They can remotely control the movement of the gates safely from inside their cars. However, as they are mechanical devices, automatic gates sometimes show issues that could require gate repair in Los Angeles, California. Below are the most common issues to expect with automatic gates and some quick-fix solutions from experts.

Faulty remote

Sometimes, your remote simply won’t cooperate. The good news is that most of the time, the remote’s batteries just need to be replaced. You can also check if you have accidentally put your remote on manual. Depending on the design of your gates’ model, this switch would either be on the switch box or also on your remote. If both solutions do not work, perhaps your remote unit needs to be replaced. You can contact your manufacturer for a replacement.

Noise, or stuck gates

Sometimes, dirt, grit, rust and other debris could make your gates’ operation noisy and choppy. If you are experiencing a slight choppiness in your gates, you need to check the tracks for these obstructions. Either sweep the area, brush it or run a pressurized hose on the cracks. If the obstruction can’t be removed easily, it’s time to call in a gate repair, Los Angeles, California professional.

Vermin and pests

Your gate sometimes falters because vermins and other pests have made a home either on the box of the gate or other parts of their mechanisms. This can cause your gate to be faulty or non-responsive. Gates are equipped with sensors. Check these sensors and make sure that they are free from obstruction and other debris.

No power

Sometimes, your gate is not working simply because there is no power. Check if there is a power outage in your area. Hopefully, your gate can be controlled manually when its power source is cut off. Sometimes, it’s a problem with the power source. Unfortunately, you can only examine this superficially. Unless you are an electrical professional as well, do not attempt to do the repairs yourself. This can be dangerous, costlier at the end, or both.

Gate motor problem

As your automatic gates are exposed to the elements, it’s not unusual for the gate motors to be worn out. Sometimes, pests, rust, and vermin can get stuck in your gate motors causing your gate to malfunction. This might mean you need to replace the gate motor. It is best to hire a professional to do this job. Also, call your manufacturer if the gate motor needs to be replaced because it could no longer be repaired.

Key Switch

Your key switch allows you to manually control the gate in case of power outages. Unfortunately, this key switch, especially when exposed to harsh weather, can also malfunction as your gate ages. In case your codes are not working, call the manufacturer for solutions. Some gate repair professionals are experts are repairing certain models and brands of automatic gates. They could probably locksmith their way into your gates’ manual system.

For single and double gate repair, Los Angeles, California, contact us today at InteleGates. If your gate stopped working, we are here to help!

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