7 Types of Building Systems Engineering Services in Baltimore

Have you ever been to the Baltimore World Trade Center? One Charles Center? How about the Fidelity Building? These are just some of the famous commercial buildings present in Baltimore, Maryland. Buildings like these exist to ensure the safety, comfort, and experience of those in it.   

Unbeknownst to many, keeping buildings like these safe and comfortable is the responsibility of building systems engineering, or better yet the engineering services comprising it. Baltimore engineering firms work hand in hand to ensure the sustainability and effectiveness of such buildings. 

What are the types of building systems engineering services that keep buildings and infrastructure safe and comfortable?

Government working with leading engineering firms to create ...

  • Civil Engineering: Utilities, Landscape, and Infrastructures


Civil engineering services like Bohler Engineering are responsible for keeping the site utilities in buildings in check, such as piping systems. They are also in charge of infrastructures and landscape architecture present in such an establishment.


  • Electrical Engineering: Alarms, Lighting, and Power Distribution


Electrical Engineering services like Tiepoint Engineering are in charge of the power distribution and alarm systems of commercial buildings in Baltimore. They play such essential roles because not all buildings can support the electrical systems modern buildings have. 


  • Energy Engineering: Energy Efficiency and Sustainability


Energy engineering services deal with renewable energies, such as solar photovoltaic, wind energy, etc. TA Engineering Inc and the likes are responsible for making the buildings in Baltimore responsive to new types of energy.


  • Mechanical Engineering: HVAC, Generators, Escalator Systems


Elevator and escalator systems are the jobs of mechanical engineering services like Keeler-Webb Associates Inc. Because of them, you enjoy the cold comfort of the malls and commercial buildings, thanks to the HVAC system installed.


  • Plumbing Engineering: Sinks, Toilets, and Water Systems


Plumbing engineers design the water systems that deliver hot and cold water in the buildings, plus the piping systems for fire protection and roof drainage. Engineering firms like JB Plumbing Firm takes care of these things for the different structures in Baltimore.


  • Structural Engineering: More than Just Buildings


Structural engineering services are not just for buildings and building design; they are also responsible for the building pathways that will connect all the different systems.


  • Technology: IT Infrastructures, Data Security, etc.


They are a close subset of electrical engineering in charge of IT infrastructures like WIFI access, telephone systems, and lightings. Firms like Nyla Technology Solutions are responsible for keeping networks, sensor systems, and cybersecurity up and running.

Various engineering firms in Baltimore keeps the majority of commercial and non-commercial buildings active and operating smoothly. With their collective engineering services, they make sure that every individual inside their premises is safe and comfortable.

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