Apartment Sales are up – Tips for increasing sales

Everybody needs a place of living. In many metropolitan cities, apartment sales are up and people are looking for spacious and well equipped apartments. Even If the apartment is equipped with all the amenities, you may get the same price when selling as you bought, if it’s not maintained well and clean. Below are the few tips which can get more value to your apartments.

  1. First impression matters

The buyer has to get the feel that apartment is clean and well maintained, and then the chances of selling would be more. Repaint the doors and surroundings if necessary. Broom the place every now and then even if you are not staying in there. One of the rooms that gets dirtier is kitchen. Clean the kitchen thoroughly.

  1. Make them feel spacious

There should be as much as floor space available to make sure your apartment will look big. Throw all the unwanted things away and keep things organized so that you have more floor space. Using neutral colors for sofa, would be great if it can match the color of walls, will make your living room look bigger. Avoid too much contrast colors and decorate with cushions if needed. One more trick is to have big mirrors to create the illusion of bigger space. Also if you have a balcony, you can place table with 2 chairs (depending on the area available) creating living space there as well.

  1. Cleanliness in the bathroom

Before opening house for buyers, make sure that you have cleaned the bathroom thoroughly. Have the tiles cleaned, stains from bathtub and sink removed, keep liquid soaps to avoid mess and also if possible paint tiles with tiles painting. Installing mirrors can make the room look bigger as well. Hygienic and well maintained bathroom can be a plus from the buyer’s perspective.

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