Avoid These Mistakes While Polishing the Marble Floor

10 mistakes to avoid when polishing your marble floor

These days, marble is extensively used on the floor, both at home and also in the office. The unique characteristic of marble is preferred by most clients as a flooring option. You can get marble in many colours and designs with unique characteristics.

However, while performing marble stone polishing,you need to be very cautious. Prefer to use the polishing tools supplied by STONE TOOLS, which is a leading supplier in Australia. You must also avoid the following mistakes while polishing your diamond floor:

1. Never use homemade remedies for cleaning marble

While doing marble polishing Brisbane you must avoid using ammonia or vinegar that is generally used at home.

2. Avoid using water as your sole polishing agent

Water will be absorbed by marble as it is porous, and hence regularly using water can make your marble appear dull and unattractive.

3. Never polish before checking the marble quality

Before you polish your marble floor, check whether it is natural marble or cultured one. Natural marble may break under pressure.

4. Never polish before removing stains

Avoid polishing your marble floor without removing the stain on your floor. Otherwise, the stains will appear much more evident.

5. Never clean your marble flooring by using cleaning products from the store

Common store cleaners can be very acidic and your marble will be more susceptible to discoloration. Also, it can decrease marble tile’s endurance strength.

6. Don’t use abrasive materials

Such materials can surely cause evident damage that can remain visible in the longer run.

7. Don’t ignore spills or scratches

The best way of avoiding permanent damage will be taking action immediately after you notice any mark or discolouration.

You must first know what type of marble that you are using before going for polishing and cleaning your marble stone floors. Rather prefer to use any good neutral solvent.

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