Benefits of Buying Your Art Online

For many years, art enthusiasts have scoured myriads of art galleries in search of beautiful works of art. Our full schedules may not allow us to go art gallery-hopping. Fortunately, these days you can gallery-hop from the comfort of your home.

Art collectors will tell you nothing comes close to visiting a gallery and viewing the art. They are right. However, doing the same online is also quite exciting. You are able to scroll among the art pieces on display and stopping at the ones you like for as long as you wish.

There is no reason why you should not be able to buy art whenever you want to. Here are a few reasons why buying art online may be your best alternative.

Buying Art Online is the Cheaper Option

Buying from an art gallery is relatively pricier than making your purchase online. Art galleries must factor in their profit cost of the art pieces. The profit may be as high as fifty per cent of the cost of the art.

Online artists personally set their prices. They may not necessarily display their art in a gallery. Consequently, their prices tend to be lower by a huge margin. These artists also market their work themselves which helps to bring the prices even lower.

The artwork sold online is of the same value than that which hangs in a gallery. In addition, finding the art piece you want may be a lot easier online than in a physical art gallery. Therefore, purchasing your art via Loulou Avenue will do you a world of good.

There is a wide range of artistic styles to choose from. Every art enthusiast should be able to find something they like here. Additionally, you will find a bevy of talented artists with an amazing array of artwork.

Creating Opportunities for Upcoming Artists

Most galleries will only display the work of established artists. There are many immensely talented new artists whose artwork can only be accessed online. You may actually discover a new art prodigy while buying your art online.

Every artist that sells their work online gets a chance to showcase their work and also sell it. Buying art online gives struggling and new artists the push they need to create more art. Most importantly, you help to create a source of income for them.

You Will Find the Pieces You Desire More Easily…and Then Some

There is a lot of artwork to be found online and a good number of it is unique. The galleries may be showcasing the same old ideas. When you look online, you will find something that suits everyone’s tastes. If yours is eccentric, there is a lot of art that would gladden your heart.

Furthermore, the artwork that is found online is as diverse as they come. You will get pieces that would fit perfectly in your living room, your garage or even the lobby at your office.

Even better, you do not have to hop from one gallery to another in order to find what you want. You will save a lot of time and effort searching for your preferred art online. You also get to order and get your artwork delivered right to your door.

Compare Prices and Quality

You can look at artwork all day long when you go for the online option. A physical art gallery may not allow you the same liberty. Online, you have the opportunity to look at as many art pieces as you like and compare quality as well as prices.

Moreover, you are under no pressure to buy when you search online. There is no one standing at your shoulder with an intense look and a hopeful smile. You can, therefore, take your time before making a decision.


If you need to buy some amazing new art and haven’t the time to visit art galleries, online galleries are the solution. You will get your art of choice at competitive prices and also find pieces that suit your tastes. In addition, there is no pressure to buy and you can look as long as you like.

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