Best House Extension Ideas To Add More Space To Your Home

12 Best House Extension Ideas To Add More Space To Your Home - Foyr

Urban homes can feel small. This is because of the space constraint in cities. However, your home does not have to be small forever. You can make it larger by adding extensions. This trick is quite popularly used by experts when homeowners are tired of their small homes. It can make a huge difference to your current home interior design. Besides making the space larger, an extension can add more functionality and elevate the aesthetic beauty of the room. Moreover, you do not have to worry about the budget as well. There are many different ideas you can consider for your home interiors. While some can be a little expensive, many are affordable and perfect for people looking for budget-friendly alternatives. If you are planning to extend your house design but are not sure about how to do it, here are a few ideas you can take inspiration from:

01 of 04 Make use of the space above your garage

When you want an extension in your house design, you might not always have a lot of free space for that. This is when you will have to come up with ideas for your extension so that it does not occupy additional floor space. One of the areas that can be extended without occupying more floor space is the space above your garage. You can create a small room on top of your garage that can be used for various purposes. Hence, you will be able to add an extension without sacrificing floor space. Also, this space-saving interior design will cost less compared to other types of extensions you can choose for your ground floor.

Before you make any decision, one crucial factor that has to be considered is the structural integrity of the garage. If the garage does not have a strong build, it might not be able to take the weight of a room. Make sure you ask a contractor or designer to inspect the garage build before you make any decision.

02 of 04 Make use of your garden 

Not everyone is lucky enough to have a beautiful garden in their house design. If you have one, make sure that you put it to good use. There are various ways a garden can be useful to your home interior design. Besides elevating the kerb appeal, it allows you to relax and enjoy quality time with your loved ones. Further, you can use the space for creating an extension. It is perfect for people who do not have additional space in the home for an extension. Moreover, there are many brilliant ideas you can come up with for creating an extension in your garden. One of the most popular ideas that have witnessed significant demand in the last few years is office space. Since more and more people adopted the work-from-home model, they needed a separate space for work. This is when they decided to turn the garden space into a beautiful home office. Besides making a home office, you can create a beautiful outdoor seating area where you can host parties, BBQs, etc. to spend quality time with friends and family. 

03 of 04 Turn your porch into a hallway

The porch can be a great space for creating a seating area. If you want to extend your home, you can certainly build a new porch in front of your home. However, a porch lacks privacy and might not be the best home extension. This is why it is often better to turn your porch into a hallway. Converting your porch to a hallway will not always require a lot of effort. You can choose simple designs so that the task can be completed faster. Moreover, this space-saving interior design idea will make your current hallway much bigger. Besides making the space appealing, you can add functionality as well by creating sufficient storage space in your newly constructed hallway area. This will ensure that your home interior design stays organised and clutter-free. 

04 of 04 Install a bay window

There are many types of windows. However, a bay window is your best bet for you if you want to create additional space in your home. This is because a bay window protrudes outwards from your home. It features three separate window sashes where the one in the centre is parallel to the wall, and the other two are attached to the wall and connect the middle one at an angle. Hence, you can choose a bay window instead of other window types when you want an extension in your home. This extra space can be used for various purposes, like creating storage space or a seating area.

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