Best Methods That Can Be Employed For Floor Sanding

Floor sanding is the method of eliminating the top surfaces of a wooden floor by smoothing with abrasive substances. Different types of floor materials such as timber, cork, and many others can be polished. A sander is an instrument used for sanding by scraping with sandpaper. Floor sanding is carried out after laying and constructing them appropriately to facilitate the sanding procedure. This can be done by using two types of equipment.

  • Drum Floor Sander

This wood flooring sander (ช่าง ขัด พื้น ไม้, which is the term in Thai) is a heavy-duty machine that is primarily used for sanding most of the floor. One can utilize this equipment from a height at a standing posture. Drum sanders can be used for detailed sanding operations on solid wooden flooring. 

Another name for a drum floor sander is a belt sander. A drum floor sander can slice through the wood by destroying the numerous membranes of wood along with any varnish content that might be present. The outcome of this action being a new expanse of the area to give you a fresh surface to work on.

However, a drawback of these machines is that they are not designed to carry out sanding activities at regions near the walls and hence, are not suited to be used along the boundary of a room. 

  • Edger

A flooring edger is a wood flooring sander that is particularly used to sand even the most crooked corners of a room, stairs, and many other places that are tough to reach. They can achieve a certain degree of finishing in work done by a drum sander. 

This tool incorporates a disk set up at an angle on the loaded housing, such that just the front rim touches the floor, whereas wheels assist the back rim. This permits the user to roll the equipment on the floor as the disc functions to remove the unwanted surface materials. Care should be taken while using edgers as they are very strong tools capable of causing damages to the floor if not used appropriately. 

The above mentioned are the two prominent wood flooring sander available in the market today. They both have almost comparable levels of power and the ability to deduct similar quantities of wood, but they vary greatly in their sizes. Nonetheless, they both smooth out floors in distinct manners, and each tool employs a unique sanding pattern. If you wish to do any kind of flooring work at your home or office, get a convenient flooring sander today itself! 

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