Cherry and Granite – The Stunning Pair to Glam Up Your Traditional Kitchen

When you are designing a kitchen interior, there are many factors that you need to keep in mind and looking for a kitchen interior design company can ease that part. Among these, two major factors are aesthetics and functionality. The design you are choosing, the materials you are opting for, the contrast or the balance you are trying to achieve, all of these should be focused on these two factors. So, when you are designing a traditional kitchen interior and choosing the fixtures, choose the cabinets and the countertop that will work perfectly. Two such effective options are cherry wood cabinets and granite countertop.

Cherry kitchen cabinets are probably the most popular options for a traditional welcoming kitchen design, especially if you are looking for something that will make your kitchen glow in an elegant and subdued manner. For that, think of choosing cherry cabinets that will create the perfect style with warm looking wooden grain and texture. Now, for a kitchen with these cabinets, it is necessary for you to choose the right countertop. And for that, granite is a great pick. Available in various colors and finishes, granite can be paired perfectly to create a timeless design. How? Take a look at the following points to know more.

Santa Cecilia Granite

In a kitchen with dark cherry wood kitchen cabinets, if you want to add a golden glow, then choose Santa Cecilia Granite. The light yellow slab of granite with dark brown speckling makes fora beautiful option. A little bit of honey and burgundy hues will be perfect for your kitchen. It will be a stunning look while adding more warmth to the design. The golden glow of the granite slab will help you create a warm cozy feel that is typical for a traditional kitchen.

Tan Brown Granite

If you want to keep the kitchen color scheme mostly dark, then tan brown granite is your perfect go-to option. These slabs generally have consistent dark brown, black and red patches. If your kitchen has a source of natural light, a big window or a French door, then the sun will bring out the vibrant brown and red tones which will beautifully blend with the darker tone of your cherry-colored discount kitchen cabinets. While you are depending on the in-kitchen lighting, the black will become the predominant hue and complete the overall darker stylish look.

Ivory Brown Granite

Creating contrast with the stunning darker hued kitchen cabinets can be really tempting. The contrast in any décor adds to the characteristic of the place. The unique contrast can perk up the warmth of the traditional theme too. So, when you are designing a kitchen with cherry cabinets and feeling tempted to add contrast, choose ivory brown granite. Primarily, white with the patches of burgundy can make this countertop appear stunning. Granite offers durability while also retaining the charm of the comparative light color. Under the light, the burgundy color will bring out the elegance of the design even more. So, when you are trying to design your kitchen with the contrast game on, choose this option without any dilemma.

Gold Antique Granite

For an old-world vintage appeal in your kitchen, complement the cherry cabinets with gold antique granite. Stunning, white with golden speckles can look like a million bucks under bright light. So, if you are blessed with a kitchen which is big and has many sources of lights, natural and artificial, go for this option.

Now, as you know which Granite type you can choose as your countertop with cherry cabinets, what are you waiting for? Rush to the store for discount cabinets as they might also offer these granite countertop options. Make your traditional kitchen as much stunning as it can really get.

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