Everything You Need To Know About Organizing A Condo Meeting

The condominium assembly like in Condo Sathorn (คอนโด สาทร which is the term in Thai) must be held at least once a year, namely in the first half of January. The legislation suggests this, but if all unit owners agree, another date can be fixed.

The objective of this assembly should be, at least, to discuss and approve the accounts of the previous year and the budget for the current year. The meeting must take place in the condominium room. If the building does not have this room, you should suggest other options, such as the building’s hall or the garage atrium.

All the joint owners who reside or are not in the building must attend the meeting in question. Non-residents must inform the administrator of their address for sending the notice, even in another country. In the case of rented apartments, the notice must be sent to landlords and not to tenants.

As manager of the building, you will assume the task of convening the meeting. However, joint owners representing at least 25% of the capital may also do so.

It is essential to bear in mind that posting an advertisement in the hall of the building is not enough, as this procedure, with no legal value, can be a way to cancel the decisions taken at the meeting. Thus, you can choose one of the following methods, as long as you do it at least ten days in advance and you have proof that the owner received the information:

  • Send the notice by registered letter to the owners’ home
  • Send the notice by email, requesting confirmation of receipt also by this means. This option is only valid if and for the joint owners who agree and stay registered in the minutes
  • Notify the owners present, asking them to sign the protocol book, which they learned. This book can be purchased at stationers.
  • The notice must contain the date, time, and place of the meeting. The call must also indicate the schedule and the proposals that need unanimity to be approved.
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