Explore Vinyl and Aluminum Window Option Before Investing

Windows allow ventilation and light inside your home. They even offer aesthetics to home exteriors. So, there is no need to compromise on quality and needs. Today, buyers look to choose from vinyl or aluminum window category. Both have their weaknesses and strength. The ultimate decision is personal! Let’s explore both window options to understand better and invest. 


Vinyl window frames made from PVC are thick and plain. Aluminum window frames are thin and attractive. Over the years, aluminum material succumbs to damage because of weathering and may need replacement. Alternatively, vinyl window frames can be painted, which the majority of homeowners find appealing.


For cost-effective energy-efficient vinyl windows in Studio City visit Intex Windows. Vinyl is capable to reduce heat transfer as well as controls penetration of light shining through the window. Thus, the HVAC system has to work less because the internal temperature gets regulated better with vinyl windows.

The aluminum window is less energy-efficient. Aluminum material is a heat conductor, so the room heats up. HVAC works hard to maintain internal coolness. Condensation can also form on windows, if home interior is substantially cool, which can cause rust and mold. 

Noise insulation

For homes near loud areas like busy streets or parks need noise insulation factor prioritized. Aluminum windows are great in stopping noise than vinyl. Vinyl window frames have less mass, so they cannot perform a good task of noise reduction.


Vinyl windows need less maintenance. The material can warp in severe temperatures and therefore it is necessary to caulk them, which prevents airflow from moving in and out. Damages to vinyl windows are repairable. 

Aluminum windows are also low maintenance. The tracks and runners need to be cleaned periodically or this can hinder the closing and opening of windows. Metal needs cleaning whenever condensation accumulates and overtime aluminum rusts.

Environmental concerns

The PVC material is non-biodegradable, so eco-conscious people stay away from vinyl windows. Aluminum is eco-friendly as it can be recycled. The deal-breaker here is aluminum is environmental-friendly but not energy-efficient for people conscious about the green environment. 

Resale value

PVC windows have 74% ROI, while aluminum reports to bring 60% to 80% return on investment. So, the investment recouped with aluminum is less than what can be recovered with vinyl. 

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