Five Reasons You Should Not Delay Roof Repairs

Your home’s roofs take a lot of beating because of their constant exposure to battering winds and rain, heat and UV rays from the sun, as well as changing temperatures. That is why a roof must be given TLC from time to time. Properly caring for an asphalt roof can make it last for at least two decades. However, without proper care, your roof will start to give up its strength in no time. Putting off Roofing Service Wilmington can shorten the life of your roof and cost you lots of money in expensive repairs or early replacement. Here’s why you should not put off roof repair:

It can Damage the Roofing Structure

Your shingles protect everything under the roof. Beneath them is usually a layer of underlayment. This layer is a second barrier for moisture; however, too much moisture can damage it if the shingles are broken. Damaged shingles allow water to infiltrate the lower layers of your roof. Leaving the damage unpaired for a long time can further water penetration, causing more damage. 

It can Ruin the Insulation

The attic serves as the main barrier between your roof and living space. Proper attic insulation is the key to protecting your roof and living space below. However, when insulation gets wet, it tends to clump, making it unable to do its work. Any water-damaged insulation must be ripped out and replaced. Thus, repairing the roof before the water reaches the attic will save you plenty of money on both labor and materials necessary to repair damaged insulation.

It can Cause Mold Growth

Mold thrives in warm, moist areas. If part of your house is wet and stays wet over days and weeks, mold may grow. Whether it is your drywall, insulation, or the wood of your house’s frame, wet material encourages fungal and bacterial growth, which can make you sick. Apart from the impact of mold on your health, getting rid of mold can be costly and it may not be covered by insurance. And you need to leave your home during the process. 

It Increases the Risk of Fire Damage

Water and electricity do not mix well. Thus, if water gets into your home’s interior space, including the attic, your electrical system may be shorted out. This can lead to a blown fuse or start a fire. 

It can Encourage Pests to Invade Your Home

Pests can get into your home through small holes, explain Pest Exterminators Essex. For instance, mice can get in through a hole the size of a dime. And if there are bigger gaps in the roof, squirrels get into your attic. Fixing the roof sooner will protect your family from pests. 

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