Get The Inside Of Your Air Conditioner Cleaned Thoroughly

With the hot weather coming, it is time that you get your Air Conditioner serviced and cleaned as early as possible. While calling in professional services is most certainly the best option, it is not always feasible to pay such high service charges. At such an instance, you can very easily get your air conditioning unit cleaned all by yourself. With the help of Liquid condenser liquid (น้ํา ยา ล้าง คอยล์ ร้อน, which is the term in Thai), cleaning can be done very efficiently.

Why Are Condenser Cleaners?

The air conditioner has different parts which need to be cleaned and serviced specifically. Any basic air conditioner consists of two different parts, the indoor cooling coils, and the outdoor cooling coils. The indoor cooling coils are also termed evaporators and both the indoor and the outdoor cooling coils may be cooled with either air or water. Each part of the air conditioner needs to function properly to be able to deliver the job of cooling that it is expected to deliver.

Why Is It Necessary To Get The Air Conditioner Cleaned?

The coils present in the air conditioner are responsible for the heat transfer that takes place in the unit and aids in the cooling effect. The accumulation of dirt on the coils acts as a barrier for the transfer of heat as it tends to insulate the coil. Therefore, it is very essential to get the coils cleaned up as the build-up of heavy dirt can also clog the coils and affect the airflow.

  • Major reduction in the cooling capacity
  • Decreased heat transfer
  • Major increase in the operating temperatures and pressure
  • Degrading energy efficiency leading to higher energy consumption
  • Greater wear and tear on the system can even lead to malfunctioning of the system, damage to the components as well as a reduced life expectancy of the system.
  • The air quality also becomes very poor and there is a possibility of contamination of the air with evaporators.

How To Clean The Coils?

While cleaning the air conditioning coils, it must be kept in mind that high impact pressure washers must not be used. This is because the high pressure of water can damage the delicate fins and it may even cause the dirt to be pushed back even further. Therefore, you should always use low-pressure systems. You can prepare the mix by measuring and adding the Liquid condenser liquid into the low-pressure system along with some warm water.

Once the mix is made, the strong foam can be sprayed into the system and allowed to rest for some time. Then spray water into the system with a low-pressure system and rinse out the dirt efficiently.

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