Here’s How To Restore Your Water-Damaged Mattress After A Flood Or Hurricane

A flood or a hurricane can leave grave devastation after it has passed. Homeowners know the struggle of cleaning their homes and trying to save furniture pieces and electronics from the dumpster. One type of furniture that is hard to save and restore is the mattress. While it can be a long and complicated process to restore a water-damaged mattress, it is not impossible.

Here are some useful tips to follow if you are determined to give your mattress a second chance after a flood or hurricane:

Tip 1: Act Fast!

As soon as it is safe to enter the home and the flood waters have receded, it is time to act. A mattress is highly absorbent and will take on a lot of water. The sooner the moisture is removed from the mattress, the higher the chances of saving and restoring it to its former glory.

It is best to act before the 48-hour mark has passed since the flood. After 48 hours, mold and mildew growth can no longer be avoided.

Tip 2: Dry Under Direct Sunlight

The best way to dry out a mattress completely after a flood is to leave it exposed under direct sunlight for at least a day. The heat from the sun will help evaporate all of the moisture trapped inside the mattress while also killing most of the bacteria and contaminants that may have settled on the mattress.

Be careful to avoid any damp spots and to raise the mattress off the ground to ensure thorough drying.

Tip 3: Vacuum And Sanitize

Once the mattress has dried out in the sun, it is time to give it extra attention. Despite all the best efforts of removing water, there is still a good chance some water is still trapped inside. To remove excess water, use a vacuum on high and vacuum every spot.

After vacuuming, wipe down the surface with an alcohol solution to sanitize it and remove as much bacteria as possible.

Tip 4: Know When The Damage Is Irreversible

As disheartening as it may sound, sometimes giving up on a piece of furniture is best. The Water damage restoration michiana contractors note that when the flood waters have mixed with sewage, it is ill-advised to clean and restore the mattress as the level of contamination may be too much.

In these cases, it is better to replace the water-damaged mattress with a new one. It is better for everyone’s health and safety.

Tip 5: Contact The Pros

For homeowners who want to ensure that most, if not all of their furniture can be saved and restored, hiring the water damage restoration Michiana is the best course of action. Professional water damage restoration contractors have the training, skills, equipment, and knowledge to deal with extensive water damage.

With the help and assistance from experts, the chances of restoring a mattress damaged by a flood or hurricane are higher. As long as they are called in sooner rather than later, their services will prove to be valuable and beneficial.

Water damage restoration michiana can be pretty overwhelming for any home or business owner. Let our team at ABCO insurance Restoration help you during such challenging times. Contact us today!

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