How Much Wind Can A Folding Tent Support?

A folding tent is a versatile and easy-to-assemble tent. It is not an article that can be used at any time. Think that it is a tent for specific uses. This means that it is not designed to be installed permanently or semi-permanently.

However, some people buy folding tents to leave them set up for weeks or even months, which is not proper as they may have problems.

In any case, if you plan to use the tent more or less continuously, surely the first question that comes to mind is: how much wind can my folding tent hold? The answer is very simple; it depends. Below are some important factors to take into account!

Points To Keep In Mind to Take Care of My Folding Tent from the Wind

The folding tents are not designed to withstand strong gusts of wind. Even so, a professional 30×30 tent can withstand gusts of wind of a certain intensity, as long as you comply with some safety regulations:

1. Nail the Tent to the Ground

A folding tent placed directly on the ground can be used perfectly. But of course, the moment a gust of wind picks up and begins to blow without warning, we can have problems. Therefore, it is always advisable to nail the tent well to the ground with pegs and with expansion studs. It is even a good idea to tie the tent to something fixed, such as a wall, a tree, or something similar.

2. If You Can’t Nail the Carp, Polish It

In case of installing the tent on asphalt, concrete, or on the ground where it cannot be nailed, you will have to weight your tent, basically adding weight, to make the tent more resistant to the air. You can use ballasts for folding tent. If you don’t have them, use anything that adds weight to the tent.

3. If the Wind Picks Up, Close the Tent

This is often not taken into account, but in a tent, the greatest enemy of the air is a closed tent. Because the worst thing that could happen is that the air enters our tent and cannot get out. In that case, the sail effect makes its appearance, and it is more than possible that our tent will fly off. Therefore, if we close the tent well, we will make things more difficult for the wind with its side curtains.

4. When in Doubt, Take Down the Tent

Here, we apply common sense. If the wind picks up and you are not sure how you have set up your folding tent, take it down. It will take you a minute, and you will avoid problems and pending disasters.

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