How Should I Choose A Rolling Shutter?

First of all, you have to know that there are a few different automatic garage doors (ประตู โรงรถ อัตโนมัติ which is the term in Thai) models. Each of them features a design and finish suited to a type of situation. In addition, you can choose different colors in your equipment, which allows a wide range of combinations with your architectural project.

To make a suitable choice of rolling shutter, consider the application made, whether in residence, commerce, or industry. Each may require varying levels of lighting, ventilation, and sealing. For example, in the case of shop windows, they can be seen even when the store is closed, the best model is the small brick, as it is very hollow.

The flat model known as the closed half cane is ideal for those looking for more privacy and isolation. This type of roll-up door is the most used in-house garages, and, in some industries, it doesn’t allow the external view. The trans vision profile (micro-perforated) has been widely used in shopping centers and gallery stores, bringing modernity and a fascinating visual effect to those who visit these establishments.

A trend in the rolling shutter market has been the mixture of designs in the same equipment, that is, closures with a smooth part and another with oblong holes or micro holes. This application can be made either in stores or in homes or factories, promoting unique combinations.

Finally, choose between a steel or aluminum roll-up door. The first is more affordable and has excellent robustness. The second is the most corrosion-resistant option in addition to having a more refined finish. As a suggestion, it is recommended to choose aluminum in coastal areas, subject to the salty air, and steel in industrial sheds, whose spans are usually larger and higher.

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