How to Finance a Guest House

Homeowners can add onto their property for a variety of reasons including the boost in the property value. Properties that have ample exterior space give the owners a chance to add a new structure for guests. A guest house is an incredible investment, and it gives the owner’s friends or loved ones a private space to rest during long visits.

Set Up a Budget for the Guest House

A guest house doesn’t have to be a larger than average purchase. Essentially, the homeowner would need to review how much they can spend according to their current expenses. If they have paid off their existing mortgage already, they might have a more extensive budget for building a guest house on their property. Comparing their debt volume and current income helps the homeowner arrive at a defined budget. However, a pre-approval for a mortgage could give them better insight into what they can afford.

Select a Guest House Design and Calculate Cost

Selecting a guest house design helps the homeowner get estimates from contractors. Defining how much space they want inside the guest house and what features are they want decreases or increases the total cost of the construction project. Working with a contractor helps the homeowner decide how much of a guest house they can afford according to the defined budget. Comparing the prices to the price range in the pre-approval helps the homeowner make a final choice about the guest home design.

Do You Have Enough Equity?

Equity is a great way to cover the cost of the new construction and could give the homeowner a better choice over a new mortgage. The homeowner could get either a home equity line of credit or a home equity loan based on how much equity they have accumulated. Each of these options could provide enough money to build a one-bedroom and one bathroom guest house if they have enough equity.

With the home equity line of credit, the homeowner can access more funds over a borrowing period. With a home equity loan, they get a lump sum payment according to how much they choose to borrow. The repayment term for the home equity line of credit is around 10 years, and it comes with an adjustable rate. The home equity loan has a prepayment period of up to 30 years, and it has a fixed rate. Borrowers can look at Dustin Dimisa’s Twitter and compare these options for their construction project.

Is a New Mortgage a Better Choice?

If the homeowner can take on the responsibilities of a new mortgage, they could create any guest house within their budget. They would have to qualify according to what mortgage program they wanted to use based on their credit scores and income-to-debt ratio. The borrower would also need a down payment for their lender.

Homeowners build guest houses to provide a better option for overnight guests such as out of town relatives. The houses can provide standard options such as a bedroom, bathroom, and living area. Homeowners can review ways to finance a guest house by contacting their preferred lender now.

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