How To Find The Best Junk Removal Service in San Jose

When it comes to junk, you might think, “junk is junk”, does it really matter who is going to come and pick it up? And well, the answer is yes! Just like you need to be sure the right people are working inside your home, you need to be sure that the right people are dealing with your junk! So you never have to worry about junk removal ever again! If you don’t know how to do that, don’t worry! We’ve put together a list of things you can do to find the best junk removal service in San Jose, and in your local area, so you’re all set when it comes to your junk pickup!

  1. Check the reviews
    This is the first thing you should do regardless of what type of service you’re hiring. Google your city, with the word “Junk Pickup”, like in this case “San Jose Junk Pickup” and go through the Google reviews of the top 3 companies. It’s important that you look at the reviews on a non-biased website, that’s not related to junk removal. Do you know you’re reading honest reviews! The junk removal service that you end up liking the most out of the top-rated, is the one you should focus the rest of your researching energy on!
  2. What’s their customer support like?
    The next thing you need to look at is how easy it is to get in contact with the company. There may be times you need urgent help with something, and should be able to reach them without a problem if that happens! This can be checked by seeing how many modes of communication they have set up. If they just have one, they may be good at that one, but it might be better to go for a company that has multiple. Commonly, the best thing would be if the company has a responsive phone line, a 24/7 live chat that you can contact, and a proper, official email set up where you can send in any formal complaints and queries. So you know you’ll have someone to contact no matter what happens!
  3. What are the services they provide?
    Does the junk removal service only haul away junk? Or do they also offer services like yard junk removal, estate cleanouts, attic cleanouts, office cleanouts, and others? If one company only takes away the junk, but another offers all the extra services, you might be better off going with one that offers the extra services. So if you’re ever in need of something extra, you know exactly who to call, and you’ll already be familiar with the company! It’s easier to let someone you know and trust into your home compared to a total stranger!
  4. What are they charging?
    The next thing that’s very important to get out of the way before you hire a junk removal company, is their pricing! There are way too many companies out there that do shady pricing and add invisible charges or refuse to give receipts. All of these are people you should not be doing business with, especially not when it involves your home! The right company will be fully transparent about their charges from the get-go, won’t mind providing you with a price quote, and might even be willing to match their competitor’s quote if they find that you’re offered the same service at a cheaper price!
  5. What equipment are they using?
    Finally, the equipment. It’s important that the junk removal service you end up going for uses the right equipment that you need! Check the sizes of trucks they use, whether they use extra equipment, and how many trips they’d need to complete the junk pickup! So you know you’re hiring a company that’s going to be perfect for your needs!
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