How’s it going with Kitchen Appliances Singapore

The market for home kitchen appliances singapore, including electric and gas ranges, household freezers and refrigerators, small kitchen devices, and ovens in the year 1994 was nearly 181 dollars million. The imports of Singapore for such tools totalled about 214 dollars million, a substantial rise of 22 % over 1993’s import measure of 175 dollars million. The Key suppliers were Thailand (with 13.7 percent), Japan (with 29.7 percent), Korea (with 11.2 percent), Malaysia, and the US (with 4.1 percent), Italy (with 8.9 percent).

Increase in the Household Kitchen Tools

The market of Singapore for household kitchen tools will show a steady increase over the next few years. Major factors with the bearing on the market growth cover- better living standards; proposed increases in the per capita income (i.e., currently at 18,500 dollars with a yearly growth rate of nearly 7 percent), and the improvement in a housing condition due to the Singaporeans upgrading to the larger dwellings.

An Excellent Distribution Hub

Singapore provides a small internal market of 3.1 million individuals, with 750,000 households. Nevertheless, Singapore is a great distribution hub for the rest of this Asia-Pacific region.

Not to forget, Singapore provides excellent transportation infrastructure & communications, with the world’s 2nd busiest container port, the ultra-modern airport, effective and inexpensive telephone along with fax communications to about each country.

Enhanced Expenditure

The more living area has led to enhanced expenditure on a kitchen area. If the ownership of the refrigerators serves as the guide, it’s noteworthy that about 100 percent of all the households today have got a refrigerator.

The significance of the kitchen can well be underscored by this fact that food, cooked at home and consumed outside a home both, accounts for the biggest share (30 %) of the Singaporean household resources. Fresh food only (that is cooked right in the home) makes up to 15 % of the entire household budget.

The Factor

Another significant factor impacting the household kitchen tools market is that the more Singaporean ladies are in the workforce. As per the latest labor force survey that was prepared in the year 1992, women comprised about 40.1 % of the labor force in the year 1992, when compared to 35.7 % in the year 1982.

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