Maintenance Starts With Good Aircon Cleaning & Servicing

Your AC system may look new and robust. However, it gets dirty and worn out over time, which can affect its performance and efficiency. In worse cases, it can impact how it functions, hence opting for AC servicing in Singapore becomes necessary. Today’s AC systems last longer—as long as owners know how to handle them with care. 

Good AC Maintenance Starts With Proper Cleaning

It can be tough to survive through the summer heat without an air conditioning system. Using an AC system is more than just a luxury. It is now a necessity for every residence and commercial space to regulate air temperature. Hence, knowing how to extend or prolong the lifespan of your system ensures a lasting investment.

Maintenance is the method to ensure your air conditioning system lasts longer and performs optimally. Regular cleaning is perhaps the most common maintenance method you can do for your unit. Cleaning and sanitising can also impact overall function and efficiency in the long run compared to units that have been unclean for some time. Removing dirt and dust can make an impact on how your unit works. On the other hand, mould and mildew build-up can affect your health. Availability of aircon in Singapore is simple and quick, but it takes a lot to ensure a lasting investment. An air conditioning system’s components, such as filters, fins and coils require proper cleaning for the entire unit to work more efficiently and effectively. 

In some cases, you might need to replace them every once in a while by conducting an inspection with a specialist. Through the years of your AC system service, you might wonder how often you should clean the unit. The answer is every 2-3 months. It is ideal for households who use their AC system frequently. However, if you use your aircon every day, you might want to clean them more regularly. You can opt for a professional aircon cleaning in Singapore every 1-2 months.

Signs Your AC System Needs Cleaning:

1. Your aircon filter is covered with dirt and dust build-up

2. Your AC system is blowing hot air than cold air

3. You hear a rattling noise when you open your unit

4. There’s an unpleasant/pungent smell coming from the unit

5. You can’t remember the last time you avail of a cleaning service

Aircon Servicing

Availability of an aircon service lets your unit receive more proper cleaning with the help of a professional specialist than doing a DIY cleaning. In some cases, we may not have the knowledge and tools at hand to perform proper, in-depth cleaning to ensure that no dirt and dust are left to clog the components unit. An aircon servicing also offers a more comprehensive solution to ensure that your AC system receives proper cleaning and inspection to ensure optimal performance when using them.

So, how often should you avail yourself of AC servicing in Singapore? The answer remains the same with cleaning, 2-3 months. Regular servicing improves efficiency and prevents breakdowns from occurring throughout the continuous use of the AC unit. It also lets you know early signs when you need to replace a unit’s component. It can address small problems (which you are unlikely to tackle when doing a DIY cleaning).
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