Plan Your Bathroom in 4 Steps

The bathroom design has a lot of significance in people’s lives. It is a very private space where people can be just themselves. After a long tiring day, taking a shower in the bathroom can wash away all your stress. However, you will first have to create a great bathroom design so that you feel comfortable and relaxed. Poorly designed bathrooms will appear unappealing and not uplift your mood. 

Do not worry if you are not sure about how to plan your bathroom design. It is a simple task and can be done easily. Mentioned below are a few steps that will help you to upgrade your existing bathroom or create a new bathroom plan from scratch:

01 of 04 Set a budget 

Before you can get started with designing the bathroom, you will have to set a budget. This is one of the most important things you will have to consider when designing your bathroom. This is because the cost of designing your bathroom can vary a lot depending on your choices. While there are many economical options available, you can get lots of luxurious and expensive ones as well. By setting a budget, you will be able to stay within your financial means and not get carried forward while planning. However, make sure that you are making the right estimation. If you set a very low budget, you might not be able to create the bathroom design you want. Start with planning the basic needs first. Once all basic things are taken care of, you can focus on other aspects like luxuries. Never end up spending your entire budget on buying something fancy like a large bathtub if you do not have sufficient budget for the basic necessities. 

02 of 04 Plan the basic elements first

As mentioned earlier, you must always take care of the important elements first. This will ensure that your bathroom is fully functional. If you are designing a family bathroom, your priorities should be a bath, a shower, a basin, and sufficient storage space. However, in personal bathrooms, you do not need all these elements. Instead, you can opt for only a shower cubicle and a toilet. This will allow you to make a functional bathroom without spending a lot of money. Also, once all the important elements have been added to the bathroom, you can consider adding other items depending on the space available. 

03 of 04 Look for inspiration 

A lot of people do not have any idea about how to design bathrooms. As a result, it can become a very confusing task. If you too are clueless about where to start, you can consider looking for some inspiration. This can help you a lot in creating your perfect bathroom plan. Start by researching different bathroom designs on the internet. You can easily get lots of blogs, images, videos, etc. Look through them and save the designs you like for checking later. Once you have sufficient content, you can check them thoroughly and try to come up with ideas. Look for bathrooms whose sizes and shapes are similar to your bathroom so that you can easily mimic the look. Besides checking online, you can visit any nearby showroom as well. Their experts will be able to help you out as well. Reading interior design magazines can be beneficial as well. Bookmark the pages you like so that you can ponder on them later.

04 of 04 Pay attention to lighting 

Your bathroom fittings are a priority but they are not the only ones. Besides planning your bathroom fittings, you will have to pay attention to lighting as well. Lighting plays a very crucial role in making your bathroom decor functional and appealing. Without proper lighting, water on your bathroom floor will not be clearly visible. As a result, people can slip and fall. Hence, you will have to install lights keeping in mind that every corner in your bathroom stays visible. However, you must not focus on task lights only. To get fully relaxed and enjoy a spa-like experience, you will have to install ambient lights as well. A rejuvenating bath in your hot tub by candlelight can be very relaxing. 

Installing lighting fixtures is not sufficient. Natural light is essential to light up the space properly as well. It will give your bathroom decor a warmer and more welcoming feel. In most bathrooms, a window is installed so that natural light can enter. If sufficient light does not enter from the window, hanging a mirror in front of it can help to light up the entire space. However, if you are willing to spend more money and your home design permits, you can install a skylight as well. 

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