Questions to ask your waterproofing contractor

Whether you had any basement leakage or flooding issue or you are just looking forward to waterproof your basement to make your building a better place, you need to hire waterproofing Toronto company to do the task. Rather than hiring anyone, it is important that you do proper research and then pick the best company for your waterproofing task. Here are some of the questions which you should ask the waterproofing Toronto contractor:

  1. Are you licensed and insured? What does the insurance cover?

It is possibly the first question which any building owner should ask a contractor before starting the waterproofing task. This is question is important if you are going for basement waterproofing as the work may require the contractor to get a building permit. Sometimes permit may not be needed, because liability insurance and workers compensation keeps the home and people in it financially secure, in case something goes wrong with the waterproofing.

  1. For how long has your company been working in this field?

The time period a company has been in a field showcases its experience in basement waterproofing. The longer a company has dealt with waterproofing issues, the more professional, experienced and dedicated it will be. If they have been doing this for just a few years, then you should ask about the techniques they use, the employees they have and the time period they have been in this field.

  1. Why does the proposed solution will work for your waterproofing issue and is there any other alternative?

With so many options for repairs, it is important that you do proper research and try to understand how a proposed repair will end up. Make sure you enquire about the materials which will be used and its role in the waterproofing system? You should ensure that the company actually solves the issue and doesn’t just cover it.

  1. Can the company provide references?

A basement waterproofing company with a list of content customers is surely a good one to hire. Hence, you should call some of its past clients to find out about their experience with the company and see their work. Find out if the repair is holding up well or not. There is nothing wrong in getting quality of service from a past client and getting references

  1. What will the home look like externally and internally after the task is done?

If your house requires extensive repair like excavation or instalment of a new drainage system, then the work will affect the look of your house. Hence, you should find out how your house will look before the work is started.

  1. Do you provide warranty for your waterproofing work?

How long will the repair last? Does the warranty cover material and labour? Is the guarantee or warranty transferable, if the house is sold?

  1. What is the price?

It is very important to ask the contractor to give you an estimate of the work they are going to do along with the required time frame.

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