Redesigning your home in Philadelphia? Get a professional designer!

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No matter how much you love the interiors of your Philadelphia home, you have to consider renovation at some point. This could be related to change in aesthetics, or adding more function. As a homeowner, you may have a few ideas in mind, but you definitely need professional expertise to achieve your imagination. In this post, we are sharing more on how to find the right Philadelphia interior decorator and why you need one. 

Knowing the difference

Before anything else, it is important to understand that an interior decorator is not same as an interior designer. For instance, if you want to remove a wall, or change the shape of your windows, you need an interior designer, who can work with an architect to get those plans in action. An interior decorator, on the other hand, focuses on décor elements. A designer may also work as an interior decorator, but usually has extensive specialization in the field. 

Finding an interior decorator

The best way to find professionals is to ask around. If you can get references from friends and family members you know, that’s always an advantage. Alternatively, you can look online for best-rated interior decorators and designers in your area in Philadelphia. 

Questions to ask

Working with a designer is all about the right fit. You need to ask at least a few basic questions before getting started, such as – 

  1. How many years of interior decoration and design experience do you have?
  2. Have you worked on budgets and projects similar to mine?
  3. What would you recommend for my home?
  4. I have a few ideas. Can you consider feasibility of those?
  5. Will you share your work profile? Can I get a few references?
  6. How frequently can I expect to communicate with you?
  7. What is the expected timeline of the project?
  8. How does the payment slabs work?

Cost of professional interior décor

It depends on the type and scale of the project, but most interior decorators will be more than happy to offer an overview and estimate of the work. You don’t need to pay a designer in full, until the work has been done. Also, make sure that the designer/decorator is open to discussing ideas, and if you need to understand a few things better, do check some of their existing projects. 

A skilled interior decorator can make a big difference to your project. Check online now to find the right designer for your Philadelphia home. 

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