For each and every kW of electricity consumed by a heat pump, 4kW of thermal power is produced. This corresponds to a 300% efficiency.

Comparison with other home heating technologies:

  • Condensing oil/gas central heating boiler: 90 to 96% effectiveness
  • Conventional oil/gas central heating boiler: 70 to 80% performance
  • Direct electric home heating: 35 to 45% efficiency.

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Concerning 75% of the power that is utilized is sustainable, whereas 25% of the energy is created by various other resources, in 99% this is electrical energy. If the electrical energy is produced by renewables, such as wind, PV, hydro, after that the heat pump is 100% renewable as well as CO2-neutral.

They add to a yearly decrease of 9,16 million bunches of carbon dioxide discharges. According to IEA, heat pumps can conserve 50% of the building sector’s carbon dioxide emissions and 5% from the industry. This implies that 1.8 billion loads of CO2 each year could be saved by heat pumps.


The vast majority of the heat pumps set up in Europe are additionally manufactured in Europe. In fact, the EU heat pump business plays a management duty in the innovation growth.

They foster EU employment: 40,358 Europeans are full-time operating in the heat pumps market. This is an extremely moderate estimate based upon the sales information in Europe, on which we used a specific variable: man-hours required to mount the various kinds of heat pumps.


The EU imports every year power worth over 400 billion euros. Heat pumps minimize making use of key and final energy. So, we would require less energy as well as by effect less would require to be imported. This conserves costs and secures the supply of power at the very same time: we become extra power independently.

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