Staycation In Singapore: Hotel VS Apartment

There are tons of tourist spots to visit in Lion City. There are the Marina Bay Sands, Gardens by the Bay, Sentosa Island, and the Universal Studios. Although it is highly recommended to explore the hidden gems of the country, some opt to have a staycation in Singapore. And for a staycation, tourists have two options: hotels and apartments.

This article will discuss the similarities and differences between staying in an apartment or a hotel in Singapore.



Service apartment functions like a home. It has a living room, bedroom, kitchen, and bathroom just like a house. They are more spacious than hotels, especially with the communal areas, like the kitchen and living room.


Most hotel rooms are crammed. The bed, closet, and dining table are in one room, while there is space for a bathroom. However, hotel suites are quite bigger than the usual hotel rooms, but they are more expensive.



As mentioned, an apartment for rent in Singapore has single or multiple bedrooms. They offer more privacy for the residents.


A typical hotel room is like a studio room. They lack bedrooms or living rooms, so the entire space is a communal area. But in hotel suites, bedrooms are isolated from the living room.



A serviced apartment has a fully functioning kitchen, while a studio apartment for rent in Singapore has a fully functioning kitchenette. There could be a laundry area, depending on the apartment.

Serviced apartments usually come with furniture and entertainment, and gaming consoles. They have wifi connection as well.


Hotel rooms do not have a kitchen or laundry area, but you can order food at the room service. You can ask the room service to wash your laundry as well. Some hotels have restaurants and dining areas where they serve free breakfast.

Hotels have an entertainment console and wifi connection. Besides the room amenities, hotels have other facilities, including a pool, gym, department store, play area for kids, and more.



An apartment for rent in Singapore is cheaper, given that you can get sufficient space for a small amount of money. You can also save money by cooking food in the kitchen instead of eating out. And since apartments are large, group travellers can split the bill, which makes it more affordable.


Hotels tend to be more expensive, especially if you choose suites rather than ordinary hotel rooms. But you can take advantage of the amenities which are free to use.
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