Steps You Need to Follow Before Turning on Your Air Conditioner

Steps You Need to Follow Before Turning on Your Air Conditioner

Air conditioning is something that is quite needed in places of varying extreme temperatures. After an extended cool temperature, a non-usage of the air conditioner, it could result in the inefficient functioning of the machine. So, ideally, it is required that the air conditioner problems are rectified during the time of extremely hot weather.

Air conditioner problems and solutions

Here are the steps you must follow before turning on your air conditioner after a long time and avoid the problems with air conditioning.

It is a good idea to have your system checked before the beginning of the summer.

First, begin by turning your thermostat off and set your temperature to a high setting.

  1. Inspect the thermostat

Check whether the thermostat is outdated, you can save more money if you install a newer programmable thermostat from air conditioning repair in Roswell. They will also help in saving more energy, making you much more energy efficient.

  1. Check for any exposed ductwork for wear.

This could result in the loss of the cooling effect, and this will result in inefficient temperature control which will affect your energy consumption.

  1. Look at the air vents around the home.

You should check your air went for any blocks or objects that are blocking the flow of air. This could include furniture or drapes.

  1. You should check the drain line.

Near the indoor cooling coil, there is a drain and is mounted above the furnace in the basement. You can flush it down the air conditioning drain and then finally rinse it with water. The drains of the air conditioner usually get drained when there is a collection of dirt in the indoor coil of the drain line.

  1. Change of air filter

The air filter must be changed every three months or as it is recommended by the manufacturer of the air conditioner before the start of the cooling or heating season. The filter is likely to accumulate dirt and needs to be replaced.

  1. Check the outdoor condenser unit.

Make sure that the outdoor condenser unit does not have any blockages and clean the area around the unit. You would also require to clear out all the leaves and vines near the outdoor condenser unit.

  1. Make sure the electrical wiring is intact

Inspect the wiring of the system and make sure that there is no wear and tear in the wiring. If you are not familiar with wiring, then you can contact air conditioning repair in Roswell.

Air conditioning is a necessity and having them ready before the summer so that you calm down and relax.

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