Things To Ask From A Builder

Now that you are decided to build a home in Andover, the next you have to decide on is who among the builders in the town would you consider hiring. Sure, for you home, you want nothing less than the best. You want to make sure that your family will live in a home that they will be proud of. Hiring a builder Andover can actually make or break your plan, hence you have to make sure that you are deciding rightfully.

To help you get started, there are things you need to ask for builders to provide, before finally signing a contract with them.

Certificates and insurance

Their certificates are important as it ensures that they are working at par with what the local and national government requires. You would never want to work with a builder that has no proof to show that they are working legitimately in Andover.

Also, the builder must be able to provide or show a copy of their company and employee’s insurance. You would not want to be held liable when an unfortunate event happens while laborers are working in your property. If their employees do not have an insurance, you could be held liable on medical expenses that is required when a laborer accidentally slips and gets injured while working on your roof. Sure, no one wants it to happen but just to make sure you are on the safe side, confirm insurance.

They do not need to give you a copy of their certificates and insurance, they just need to show it to you as saying they have it is easy even if they don’t.

Sample of work

Asking them to provide you samples of their work is also a good idea. If possible, you may also want to ask for reference you can call to verify their work. Some may feel hesitant to provide their previous client’s contact number due to confidentiality, but if they did, call at least three or four of their previous clients and ask them questions.

Some of the questions you can ask:

  • Are you satisfied with their work?
  • Were they able to execute according to your agreement?
  • Are their workers professional?
  • Are there any issues arise during the construction process? If so, how did they respond?
  • Will you recommend their service to others?

By calling their previous clients, you are giving yourself the opportunity to know not only their skill set but also their behavior, professionalism and attitude towards their work.

When calling their previous clients make sure that you introduce yourself and say the purpose of your call immediately to avoid hang up and call disconnection.


Yes please, ask the builder for a commitment. This commitment must not only be given verbally but in contract, signed by you and the person in charge of your home building project.

Before you sign a contract make sure that you understand everything on it clearly.

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