Top Chicago Neighborhoods for Renters

Moving to Chicago is an excellent idea no matter how you look at it. It has relatively low rent costs, low crime rates and plenty to do. Not to mention, of course, that the city is full of opportunities for those who know where to look. To make it even better, there is a lot of variety in atmosphere simply when going from street to street. This, however, raises a question of its own: where exactly in Chicago is the best spot to live? If you’re considering rentals, it gets even more complicated to decide. In order to help you reach a decision, however, we have put together a list of the top Chicago neighborhoods for renters, and we hope you find it helpful.

Hyde Park

Hyde Park is considered to be one of Chicago’s cultural hotspots, and it’s easy to see why. This neighborhood has the most diverse population of residents in Chicago, and houses a lot of history. Average rent here is $1,464, and 71% of the population are renters. The neighborhood is home to two of the city’s four historic sites: the Chicago Pile-1 (the world’s first artificial nuclear reactor) and the Frank Lloyd Wright designed Robic house. There are also a lot more smaller landmarks for anyone who’s interested in history. Hyde Park is also an all-rounder neighborhood which has something to offer for any sort of renter, and when it comes to shopping, parks and entertainment, it has plenty. However, before you start planning your move, you should know some essential moving options. Being prepared ahead of time is the surest way to a successful move, after all.

Hyde Park is a very diverse area in Chicago, and has a lot of history.

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Park West

While it’s definitely not as big or well-known as some other neighborhoods, Park West offers everything one could need in a neighborhood. There’s a big park and a lake to relax at, it has access to the beach, and the Loop is nearby. Additionally, the neighborhood is home to several international bars and restaurants. The average rent here is $1,854, and 51% of the population are renters. All in all, Park West is a neighborhood which is just large enough to accommodate all of your needs, but just small enough to have a cozy and quiet atmosphere about it. Additionally, the rent is fairly low considering the park’s prime location between the Loop and Wrigleyville. However, if you plan to move here, you should seriously consider hiring movers to help out. When trying to find professionals to help you, keep in mind that long-distance movers cover almost any part of the state, so you can expect a smooth and simple transition from one place to another.


When it comes to top Chicago neighborhoods for renters, anyone interested in music can’t go wrong with Lakeview. The neighborhood is home to both the world-renowned Blue Man Group and Wrigleyfield. All in all, Lakeview is considered to be an art and entertainment hub in Chicago. However, we need to note that Lakeview is actually made up of four smaller neighborhoods: East Lakeview, Central Lakeview, Wrigleyville and Boystown. They are all connected with a casual atmosphere and incredible arts and entertainment theme. Finally, the neighborhood has a massive park which has an amazing view of the Michigan Lake. Average rent here is $1,718, and 48% of the population are renters. Finally, when finding an apartment here, or anywhere for that matter, giving it a deep clean is the best option. If you’re unsure how to go about it, consider looking for cleaning companies nearby which can help you out.

Music and beautiful views are what makes Lakeview a great place to be.

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South Loop

It wouldn’t be a list of top Chicago neighborhoods for renters without mentioning the South Loop. This is a historic, downtown neighborhood which is a hotspot for Chicago culture in every meaning. It houses the Museum Campus, a spot where you can find Chicago’s three best museums, and plenty of other historical landmarks. Additionally, the South Loop is full to the brim with live music clubs, restaurants and theatres. This neighborhood mixes all of the things which make it a perfect spot for both families and professionals. Experts from note that more and more young professionals, specifically, have been moving here as well. Average rent in the South Loop is $2,068, and 54% of the population are renters. While the South Loop is more expensive than other neighborhoods on this list, it has all of the requirements to be a perfect neighborhood to live in long-term.

Lincoln Park

This neighborhood was named after what’s considered the biggest and most beautiful park in Chicago by the locals. The park has some of the best waterfront views, massive trails and wonderful gardens in it. Additionally, it houses a conservatory, nature museum and one of the oldest free zoos in the state. One could spend days exploring the park and wouldn’t see all it has to offer. On the other hand, if you prefer more urban things, Lincoln Park also has one of the best shopping areas in Chicago. The neighborhood also has some great night life hotspots, while the sophisticated feel makes it appealing to pretty much anyone. Average rent in this neighborhood is $1,845, and 43% of the population are renters. Finally, before you decide to move, you should know how to go about organizing clutter at a pace you can handle, as it makes the process much easier.

The Lincoln Park neighborhood is perfect for anyone who enjoys nature.

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River North

River North is what you can consider the ultimate urban neighborhood. Famous for the dramatic skyline views and sleek buildings all around and the liveliest nightlife in the city. It’s also home to a vibrant art and design scene. Average rent here is $2,580, which makes it the most expensive on this list, and 34% of the population are renters. All in all, River North is the perfect spot for living a modern life.

Top Chicago neighborhoods for renters – wrap up

Chicago is one of the best places to be if you’re a renter, with beautiful neighborhoods and decent rent prices. The diversity and vibrant art, entertainment and night life scenes in the city also make it a hub of culture. We hope this list of the top Chicago neighborhoods for renters helps you decide which neighborhood is best for you, and we wish you a good day.

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