What Are The Functions Of Different Parts Of An Air Compressor

What Is An Air Compressor?

Air compressor is a machine that provides power to the machinery used for production purpose in large scale organizations. The main purpose of this machine is to provide power and so, it is necessary to measure its output at the crankshaft. Each air compressor is designed differently to suit the multiple and unique business requirements. In this article, we will just read the functions of the general part of air compressor.

The following are the functions of some general parts of an air compressor:  

  1. Compressor Pump

This part is generally present in almost all types of air compressors. It compresses the air and releases it into the receiver. Two-stage air compressors come with two pump cylinders. They are used for heavy work load and large-scale productivity. Two-stage compressors produce pressure in two ways – First the air is generated in a larger low pressure cylinder and then generated in a smaller high pressure cylinder. Hence they are called two-stage compressors.

  1. Piston

Piston is fitted in the pump cylinder. It moved downward to let the air pass through the larger cylinder through filter and valves that intake air at atmospheric pressure. The piston normally compresses air to approximately 50 psi and releases it to small cylinder via an intercooler tube. You can check a detailed explanation of piston and its functioning in the Air Compressors, Parts and Services section of any air compressor website.

  1. Receiver

Flywheel fan cools down the air that passes later through the intercooler and gets into the small cylinder. The air is compressed further to its final form using high pressure in the small cylinder. When there is an upward movement of the piston, the air gets compressed and discharged into the receiver via check valves.

There are many sites that shall explain to you the functions of each part of the air compressor depending on the one you have for your business need. You just need to browse through the Air Compressors, Parts and Services section for a complete guidance. It is also advisable if you can check these from an air compressor manufacturer.

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