Water damage is a serious hazard that cost homeowners thousands of dollars in damage repair. It doesn’t matter if your home in new or old, water damage is a frequent occurrence homeowners experience from time to time. Whether a leaky pipe, roof, home appliance or any sort of leak at all can cause serious water damages and when left unchecked may result in structural damages. The good news is, when detected early, water damages can be easily corrected before resulting to costlier damages. 

Compiled before are 5 unmistakable signs of water damage in your home:


Signs of water damage in your home may not be as glaring as you think they’ll be. Early signs such as a utility bill from your water company that is higher than usual might be all the indication you need. Once you notice the utility bill from your water supply company is higher than usual, you should be on the lookout for other possible signs of water damage. 


When there’s water damage in any part of your home, it begins to have a repugnant or musty smell. Even though difficult to describe, the smell produced by water damage after a long time can be easily noticed. This smell is somewhat similar to that produced when you leave a load of laundry in the washer for weeks unattended. Once you notice this smell in your basement, kitchen or any area of your home at all, you should call a water damage restoration company immediately.


Discoloration and stains are signs that make water damage in your home easily detectable. Once the water from water damage dries up, it leaves a stain on the wall. This stain discolors the paints on your ceiling and wall, making them detectable days after the water has dried off. If you notice stain patterns or paint discoloration on your walls or ceiling, it may be a sign of water damage in your home. It you notice these discoloration or stains in your basement, basement waterproofing in a one way you can provide lasting solution to water damage in that area of your home.


Water damage that occur within the structure of your home or basement cause water to soak up the walls and other containing structure over time. This effect causes the wall material to peel off after some time. Cracking walls and peeling paints caused by this action could jeopardize the integrity of your home’s structure if not quickly remedied. Basement waterproofing in one proven way to prevent cracking wall and peeling paints due to water damage in the basement. 


Water is an essential element needed for the survival of mold. This is why you find mold easily growing in moist areas. Once there is water damage in any part of your home, it’s only a matter of time before you find mold growing all over the walls and floor of that area. So whenever you notice the presence of mold in any area of your home, there is the possibility of water damage in that area.

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