What are the signs that you need a new roof?

Replacing your roof when necessary will improve your home’s curb appeal, enhance comfort, reduce air-conditioning expenses, and increase the home value. Several benefits are involved in replacing the roof of a house. However, you cannot decide that you need a new roof except you have seen some signs.

Are you searching for signs to know the right time to replace your roof? Do you want to know when you need a new roof? Do not search further; below are signs that you need a new roof.

1. Shingles In Bad Shape

Your roof’s physical condition is one of the best ways to tell you that you need a new roof. When your shingles have deteriorated in physical form and cannot function effectively any longer, you should plan to replace your roof.

Some physical deterioration signs to look for in your shingles include cracking, curled up edges or cup-like appearance, and bald patches. These physical changes in the form of your shingles will affect the roof’s integrity and make your home vulnerable to the elements.

2. Appearance of Moss

Another way to know that your need a new roof is to climb up a ladder and look at your roof. You undoubtedly need to replace your roof when you see moss growing between the shingles. Moss appearing on your roof is an indication of a bigger problem with your roof. However, moss grows on roofs in a shaded area or moist climate. But its appearance is a hint of a bigger problem or hidden damage.

With moss on your roof, it will absorb and retain water like a sponge. The danger of that the absorbed water will cause shingles to break down. Also, water can seep into the layers of the shingles to cause water damage in the house. As a result, call a professional to remove moss and check the roof’s present condition and look for signs of permanent damage.

3. Age of the Roof

This is one of the most neglected factors when considering the need for a new roof. If your roof is at least 20 years old, you can plan to replace it with higher quality materials or retrofit a metal roofing into the existing roof before it damages further.

Meanwhile, this factor is subject to the expected lifespan of the existing roof. If your roof has reached half of its expected lifespan, hire an experienced roofer to inspect the roof.


The factors discussed above will inform you when you need a new roof for your home. Let a professional roofer assess your roof and tell you its condition. So, you can consider installing metal roofing on the deteriorating roof to improve its looks and boost its functionality. Metal roofing has proved to be the perfect roof type to install over an existing damaged roof or when you need a new one.

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