When Should You Think About Gas Heater Replacement?

Like all the other appliances which are at home, even air conditioners or gas heaters with time do break down and hence, need replacement. Nobody would enjoy to bath with cold water on a winter morning. Thus, gas heater replacement is ultra-important before it stops to function. Also, waiting for too long for summers to end is a foolish thing. So, it is quite beneficial if you go for air conditioning installation beforehand.

So how exactly should one know about when to get gas heater replaced?

Here are the clues:


The older the gas heater gets, the more likely it is that it will get spoilt. As a general phenomenon, a gas heater lasts for about 7 to 9 years. If the gas heater has pushed itself to 10-year marks, then there are high chances that it is finally time for a gas heater replacement. However, with proper maintenance of its quality, there are chances that the life span can double. But on the other hand, even with appropriate care, the gas heater still is needed to be replaced within a few years.

Corrosion and Rust

Most of the gas heaters made of steel, which eventually rust. However, the rust goes out of notice when it is drawn from the tap. If you in case find corrosion or rust by the pressure or temperature, it acts like a good indication that the gas heater is rusting and needs to replace as soon as possible. One should note that once the gas heater starts to rust, it becomes difficult to repair it, and the only option left is to replace the gas heater.

The Drain Valve Stops Draining Water

Over the years, it is very natural for the sediment to build up and settle at the bottom of the gas heater. In the case of a gas heater, popping sounds are very common during the ignition of the burner. This is a clear indication of the building up of sediments. It then clogs the drain valves, and with time, breaks the interiors of the gas heaters. Flushing of the water heater is one way that can prevent damage to the tank, but if not done regularly, it can damage the gas heater to a large extent.

Leakage of the Hot Water Tank

Internal issues cause a lead from the gas heater are less likely to be repaired under normal circumstances. If in case you find out that there is a leak in your gas heater, then it is time to replace it. However, to prevent the water from getting damaged, make sure to turn off both the power and the water hear. With the help of a professional, a new unit will be installed. 

Water is Cold or Luke Warm

If you find out that the water isn’t boiling, then there is something wrong for sure. There could be issues with the heating element of the gas heater or the thermostats. It is very common for these parts to fail or stop functioning with time. Although, at first hand, make sure to repair these elements before actually replacing them. 

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