Why Glassware Makes a Good Impression on Guests

Everyone wants to make a good impression on their guests. Welcoming people into your home is an opportunity to show off your personal sense of style, and that runs from the big things, like carpets and wallpaper, to tiny details- like glassware. Having the right glassware can make a huge difference to the vibe your home gives off.

Styles of Glasses

Do you use a tumbler for every single drink? That’s ok, and very practical. But there’s nothing quite like having the right glass for the right drink. Think about a martini. Gin or vodka, depending on taste; a splash of vermouth; an olive, either with a stick or not. Can you imagine these classic ingredients served up in a basic beaker? They only work when in a proper martini glass.

The same goes for champagne, Prosecco, or cava. You absolutely can serve these sparkling wines in a standard wine glass. But doesn’t it look and taste so much better in a proper champagne flute? Flutes are actually designed to boost the bubbles. Plus, their narrower shape means you can add special little touches. Put a fat, ripe raspberry in the bottom of a champagne flute and pour Prosecco over it. The raspberry fits in the narrowest part of the glass and when the bubbles hit the fruit, they help release just a touch of pink and some of the raspberry flavour. It’s a clever but clearly very easy way to use your glassware to make your home seem more fun, classier and welcoming.

Matching Glasses

This seems pretty obvious, but when you’re having a dinner party, or even casual drinks, matching glasses make a much better impression than a mish-mash of glassware from the back of the cupboard.

It’s worth investing in a set of matching wine glasses, even if they’re not very expensive ones. A good trick is to find a set where you can also buy individual ones of the same type. This means that when the inevitable happens and one gets broken, you don’t have to buy a whole new set.

Complementary glassware can be as beautiful as a matching set. Tumblers with beautiful decals or motifs on don’t have to match. Different floral patterns will all go together and provide a talking point at parties. Quirky designs like flamingos or palm trees can create a tropical theme- a perfect way to stamp your own style on proceedings.

Brands of Glassware

Are all glasses created equal? Sadly not. Cheap glassware isn’t necessarily bad quality, and of course, there are always bargains and deals to be found- especially during the sales. However, there are certain brands of glassware that have stood the test of time and bring a sense of elegance to your home- as well as being durable, quality items.

Dartington glasses are famously made by Dartington Crystal. There are only a very few brands still producing genuine crystal glass in the UK, and this Devin based company is one of the most popular. Tours around the factory allow fans and potential customers to see how the beautiful glassware is still handblown and finished- a unique experience indeed.

Crystal glassware is different to standard glassware because of its mineral content. Crystal glasses may contain up to 30% mineral content, above and beyond the silica which glass is made from at its most basic level. These additional minerals lend strength to the structure of the glass, meaning that the glass manufacturer can make thinner, more delicate glasses that are less likely to break than a standard glass made to the same size specifications.

Another advantage of crystal glassware like Dartington glasses is that they refract the light better. This provides that sparkle that’s associated with top quality glasses. When you spin your glass and it catches and throws glints of light back, that’s usually a crystal glass.

Crystal glass is usually porous, meaning it must be hand washed. However, beautiful glasses of any type of glass can become dull in the dishwasher, so hand washing is generally recommended anyway.

Having a beautiful set of glassware can really give the wow factor to your home. Whether you display these in a cabinet, or only get them out on special occasions, stunning glasses can show your guests how important they are to you, and help you feel proud of your home and your hospitality.

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